10 Best Fridge Liners to Buy on 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Thinking about decluttering your fridge and picking your head about better ways to keep clean and neat? Then you may want to consider investing in helpful fridge liners. If you are having problems keeping your fridge fresh, liners are a great idea to make your life much easier. This is the reason why today, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best fridge liners available.

Fridge liners help you keep your refrigerators clean and safe. They make it easy to clean and rearrange without any hassle in no time. The liners offer protection, keep the refrigerator safe, and help upgrade its look with different designs and patterns.

As you can see, fridge liners can give you the fridge makeover you’ve wished for. However, if you are new to refrigerator liners and find yourself searching for the best possible option for you and your needs, things may seem a bit overwhelming. But do not worry because we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know. Check out below some of the best fridge liners to buy.

Fridge Liners FAQ’s

What are fridge liners?

Fridge liners are a thin plastic barrier you put on the shelves and the bottom of fridge drawers to make cleanup easier. If there is a spill, simply take the liner out to wash instead of having to lean deep into the cold fridge to try to reach the back of the shelves.

What can I use to line my refrigerator?

Line your refrigerator shelves with (off-brand) wax paper, plastic wrap, or cling film.

Do I need fridge liners?

No fridge shelf liners aren’t necessary, but they can certainly help do cleaning and organize your fridge easier.

Are refrigerator liners good?

One way to keep your refrigerator clean is by investing in reusable refrigerator liners. These liners are designed to keep refrigerator drawers and shelves clean and dry to protect your produce and other perishables from spoilage. They are removable and washable, making cleanup a breeze.

What to keep in mind when choosing fridge liners?

  • Materials: Because they are designed to prevent spills and reduce moisture in your refrigerator, you should invest in liners that are waterproof, mildew-resistant, and hand- or machine-washable. You should also make sure that your liners are crafted with non-toxic, food-grade materials that are safe to come in contact with food.
  • Size: To ensure that you are prolonging the cleanliness of your entire refrigerator, invest in liners that come with enough pieces to cover all drawers and shelves. Some liners come with pre-cut pieces that should work for most refrigerators, but if you feel like these aren’t specific enough to match your needs, you should invest in liners that have a cut-to-fit design.

What are the different presentations of fridge liners?

  • Clear fridge liners: Clear liners will let the lightest pass through the shelves and allow the packaging of the food in your fridge to stand out rather than competing with or blending into a colored background.
  • Colorful fridge liners: You could also use color-tinted liners to color code different areas of your fridge. This would be a fun and simple way to remind kids to put things back where they belong. For example, red for meats, blue for dairy, green for vegetables, yellow for leftovers or ready-to-eat foods.
  • Fridge Liners are a must-have for any type of refrigerator: a small bar refrigerator, a paneled refrigerator, a refrigerator with wheels, or an outdoor refrigerator.

Fridge Liners

1. BAKHUK Mat Refrigerator Liners

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Each refrigerator liner is made of high-quality EVA materials, without heavy metals and phthalic acid, food-grade eco-friendly material that can be recycled and decomposed.

Super low-temperature resistance, soft feel yet with high ductility, convex dot pattern, easy to clean, use a towel to wipe. Free to cut.

What Our Testers Say

Amazing! I got a total of 9 colorful refrigerator mats. They are very beautiful. I spent an afternoon cleaning my refrigerator, Now my fridge looks cleaner. I gave my mother the rest and she was happy to use them as table mats.

Had to use double sided tape to keep them from sliding in the fridge but extremely happy that I won’t have to worry about scrubbing the fridge for hours when we move out of our rental. Paired it with the fridge storage containers and now my fridge will stay extra clean! So thankful I purchased!

These came right away and are just as expected. They seem to lie flat much better than a similar mat I purchased in the past. My previous mats came on a roll, which seems convenient because you can cut it to the length you want, but because of being rolled, a year later, they still curl at the edges.

These individual sheets don’t seem to have that problem, they lay perfectly flat with no edge curl. One tiny complaint, they came folded in half so I am trying to flatten out the “hump” in the middle with a heavy cutting board. It seems to be working though.

When using, place a few drops of water on the refrigerator shelf to secure the refrigerator pad.

What We Like

  • Waterproof
  • Dust proof
  • Oil-proof

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as wide across when placed on my refrigerator shelves, be sure to measure.
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2. DII Fridge Liner Collection

DII brings you reversible refrigerator liners to keep your stored items and refrigerator shelves clean and protected.

Cut to fit any section of your fridge or shelving, ideal for produce drawers and more. You can use them all over your home, in your cabinets, pantries, refrigerators, bathrooms, or laundry room.

What Our Testers Say

Thrilled with these. My fridges (one mini, one normal size but old) were in need of a fix. These were so easy to use, funky (I choose two patterns and alternated shelves) and look like they’ll hold up well and keep away messes to come. My fridge is no longer an unpleasant place to explore, but an extension of my decor and taste. Really love!

hese are extremely versatile fridge liners, unlike the rigid, thin, plastic variety we used to buy. These liners are easy to cut for fitting drawers, shelves and door bins. The reverse side has a different pattern. I cannot tell if they help to keep fruits & veg fresh, as our bins are pretty great for that already.

An added bonus to the thickness/cloth-likeness of these liners is that they eliminate all of that horrible chattering vibration noise coming from glass or plastic jars/bottles in the plastic fridge door bins when the fridge is running. Some of you will know what I mean- Gah!

The washing machine test——-
I’ve washed three of them (plus scraps left over from cutting door bin liners) to test their washability: Using the regular cycle on COLD they came out just fine, although I wasn’t satisfied they were really clean. Using regular cycle on WARM they also seemed fine, and I felt they were cleaner. Using regular cycle on HOT they pilled & buckled a lot (they’re mostly polyester, which is plastic). The COLD & WARM wash cycle liners I tumbled dry on LOW. The HOT wash liner & scraps I air-dried flat. YMMV, but I am happy to find that these will hold up being washed WARM with other kitchen towels and then removed to air dry, or tumble-dried on low.

The price can’t be beat, and they really save on elbow grease when your lovely, thoughtful children put a dripping, messy jar of chocolate sauce back in the fridge, or same with an oily salad dressing bottle. 😉

I’m not going to knock off a star for this, but I wish the color wasn’t so greeeeeeen! However the fruit & veggie pics are cute, and the opposing side is a subtle green lattice on white. My photos show this lattice pattern in the door bins. Both liners in the photos had been washed in warm water and tumble dried on low.

You will never have to worry about protected surfaces again; simply throw your refrigerator liners in the wash, lay flat to dry, and reuse them.

What We Like

  • Non-Adhesive
  • Cut to Fit
  • Polyester

What We Don’t Like

  • Not large enough, need to offer different sizes for different sized Fridges.
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3. PABUSIOR Refrigerator Liners Mats

PABUSIOR refrigerator liner import from Germany is made of food-grade EVA material that is non-toxic, BPA free, and safe to be used in contact with fruit and vegetable directly.

The mats are waterproof and effectively protect your refrigerator and pantry shelf, clean and tidy. With a classic raindrop design, non-adhesive dots on top and smooth bottom hold liner and objects in place.

What Our Testers Say

I thought this was exclusively for refrigerator but it just a shelf liner that can be used for anything. I usually buy at Ikea but there isn’t one close to us anymore. These are thin which I worried would not flat in my wired shelf closet but holds nicely. The benefit of being thin is that it is a lot easier to cut.

The packaging actually gave me the idea to use the extras as table place mats for my kids. It is easier to clean that my current wicker one. I feel like this was made as a placemat because the edging is well done and the size is just right. I got shelving lining and 4 new place mats.

Washable and fast to dry, no odor, free cutting, soft texture, non-slip, reusable, etc. Easy to do and greatly save your time.

What We Like

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-Function
  • Clear

What We Don’t Like

  • The material is quite thin.
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4. Refrigerator Shelf Liners for Glass Shelves

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Made of premium food-grade EVA material, our refrigerator mats are BPA-free for safe use and do not possess any foul smell. There is no harm in using the mats in contact with fruits and vegetables.

And because it is non-adhesive, these refrigerator shelf liners are super simple to use and replace. It keeps glass items in the refrigerator from moving and touching while cleaning the glass shelves without scrubbing.

What Our Testers Say

Easy to cut when needed for size, easy to clean and they look great in the fridge! The only downside I had was I wish it came with a few more stickers to stick them down but double sided tape we had around worked fine for the two more stickers I needed. Would purchase again though!

Love these for the drawers in my fridge as well as shelf liners! The colors make the inside of the fridge colorful. These mats clean up in no time. And now the interior of my fridge is easy to keep clean and cheerful looking.

They are easy to use, and clean can add some cheer to the dull glass shelves of the refrigerator. These fridge liners not only help keep things neat on the shelves but also brighten up them.

What We Like

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Unscented
  • Durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Probably great for a NOT side by side refrigerator
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5. Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner

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The drawer liner measures 12 inches by 20 feet for easy installation; for unique sizes and shapes, simply trim the liner with a household scissor; place the liner down in your drawer or cabinet and trim off excess material; wipe drawer or cabinet down first.

This non-adhesive drawer liner is engineered with the highest quality materials to reduce slipping and bunching in your drawers or cabinet shelves.

What Our Testers Say

This is easy to measure and cut and fits well on the kitchen shelves. Provides a nice cushion for glasses and plates and doesn’t move around.

I purchased this item hoping that It would reduce Sliding Forward on Wheelchair cushion. I have tried many different things on top of wheelchair cushion to address sliding forward. This is the best I’ve tried. It is easy to clean with soap and water. For best results, make sure is thoroughly dry Before reuse.

Cut a piece slightly larger than the top surface of cushion with cover on, Place it over top surface of Cushion w/cover. It has dramatically Reduced Sliding Forward. Give it a try. More economical than similar medical products. It also works great to Keep other items from sliding.

I just purchased a Craftsman Tool Chest combo in black which only had a mat for the top of the cabinet. The Gorilla liner works perfectly to line the drawers and top area of the tool chest. It blends right in.

Open grid construction allows the liner to breathe and helps protect cabinets from accumulating unwanted dirt and debris; the liner is reversible and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and a damp cloth or sponge.

What We Like

  • Strong Grip
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile Uses

What We Don’t Like

  • Not grippy or sticky enough 
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6. Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner

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Dualplex High-quality food liner with a special material that protects the fruits and vegetables from spoiling, odors, and bruising, absorbs moisture.

The raw material is manufactured in Germany to guarantee that the liner meets the high-quality standard and is safe to use for food contact. And BPA, PVC, Phthalates Free meets the FDA food contact standards.

What Our Testers Say

I’m buying it to hope resolving issue of the excess water accumulated in the fridge, especially in the two drawers. I can see water generated by fridge (vegetable setting), under this pad, however, on pad itself, it is ‘dry’.

I can’t be for sure this improves produce’s freshness in the fridge. I see very positive signs though. It has been 4 days since I put them in the fridge. Vegetables still look fresh, no turning bad sign. The other drawer (fruit temperature setting), I have two pads down there, fruits tends to be fresh still. Again, my goal is to eliminate moisture as much as possible. Of course, this leads produce being kept fresh longer.

These innovative foam fridge liners allow air to circulate throughout the drawer to prevent your fruit and veggies from rotting or spoiling.

What We Like

  • Green and Yellow
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalates Free

What We Don’t Like

  • Not wide enough to cover the whole the shelfs. Be sure to measure.
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7. Smart Design Classic Grip Shelf Liner

Shelf Liners cushion and protect your surfaces and home goods from everyday wear and tear with a selection of colors and designs that will add style and freshen up your shelves, drawers, and closets.

What Our Testers Say

This shelf liner is exactly what I wanted. I used it under the bathroom sink to make a nice, clean surface to store various items … combs, hairspray, bandaids, wipes, ointments for scrapes and cuts, etc. The best part of this shelf liner is that it adheres to the shelf, but it also can be removed easily. It is also very easy to cut in order to make it fit the space perfectly. Also, the items placed on top of it do not slip around either. I would choose this product any time I need a good, easy liner.

I bought a new microwave to sit on my counter. Each time I opened the door, it would slide or turn. I have bought shelf liner like this for glassware, etc, but stores only tend to carry white. When I saw it in dark gray , I was thrilled. It now keeps mu microwave from moving, but the color blends with my counter top and does not show. I’m very happy with it.

Extend the life of drawers and shelves with durable material that protects wood and other surfaces. Offering amazing grip technology helps avoid sliding items and is spill-resistant.

What We Like

  • Cuttable Material
  • Graphite Gray
  • Rubber

What We Don’t Like

  • Works well but hard to cut correctly without the proper tools.
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8. Refrigerator Liners, McoMce

These refrigerator liners use high-quality 100% food grade, safe to be used in contact with food directly.
Not just for refrigerator shelf liner, it can be used to dress up your bookshelves, drawer, countertop, dining table, or even desk.

What Our Testers Say

Really nice liner for the refrigerator shelves. Easy to cut to size and wipe clean, items you place on the shelves move around easy. I bought a second set to line more of the shelves. I’m guessing you’d need 2-3 packages to line all the shelves and drawers.

I am using these in my cabinets. Very easy to clean. The grip in the sheets help slippery glass containers to hold it firm. Have not tried it on refrigerator yet. Good buy!

Each fridge drawer liner has a round dots design on the top side, while the bottom is smooth non-slip. The shelf liner is not easy to contain dirt because the gap between the dots is not too deep.

Cabinet liner can be freely cut as needed or manually DIY and cut into the desired shape, which is easier to install.

What We Like

  • Multifunctional
  • Multipurpose
  • Free Size

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Wide Enough
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9. Protective Vinyl and Shelf Liner

Con-Tact Brand Clear Covering film provides some window privacy while allowing tons of natural light to shine through your home.

It is ideal for the front door, windows, glass kitchen cabinet, bathroom, or etched glass decor. It can assist in retaining heat in winter comfort and keep it out during the summer.

What Our Testers Say

I had read the reviews of this product before purchasing it, so I was fully aware that some people had issues with it sticking to surfaces. My intentions were to put it on a plastic shelving unit, so that probably made it worse. I can say without a doubt that the “stickiness” of this is not as much as I had thought it was going to be… but that ended up being a good thing since I kept placing it in the wrong spot and had to pick it back up and move it. So, the fact that it doesn’t have a permanent stick right away was a good thing for me.

I realize that the fact that it doesn’t stick as well as some people want would make it seem like a bad product, but once it was put in place on my plastic shelf, it worked exactly how I wanted it to. As long as it doesn’t hang over the edge then it wouldn’t get caught by whatever is going on and off the shelf. I move things on and off the shelves all the time because they are storage shelves, but if you are using this to protect something that won’t have a lot of activity, then it should be totally fine. I can only attest to the plastic shelving units (like what you might put in the garage) but I plan on using any extra for other areas that might need it as well.

If you are unsure if this will work, try out a smaller batch and see if you like it first. It’s not worth jumping straight to the longest size if you think you might not like it.

Use this to protect items in your homes such as kitchen or bathroom counters, shelving, cabinets, furniture, windows, crafts, bookcases, book covers, doors, and more. Suitable for smooth and flat surfaces.

What We Like

  • Clear Matte
  • Vinyl Laminate
  • Easy to Clean

What We Don’t Like

  • A Bit Tricky To Install.
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10. AKINLY Refrigerator Liners

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It is made of high-quality EVA. It is safe to be used in contact with food directly.

These are multifunctional; they can be cut into any size you need; and can be used to dress up your bookshelves, drawer, countertop, dining table, or even desk.

What Our Testers Say

These were the best things I have discovered for keeping my refrigerator shelves clean. Wipes off with a cintch. I hope to buy more soon. To get them to adhere to your shelves. Just use a damp cloth and wipe shelf then lay the mat down. Then they don’t move on you. I love the bright colors. It makes my refrigerator feel so much more appetizing.

Perfect for refrigerators, these are also waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, easy to clean, protect furniture and improve quality.

What We Like

  • Soft Feel
  • Convex dot pattern
  • Anti-skid effect

What We Don’t Like

  • A Bit Thin.
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Photo of author
Tom Mason is a refrigerator enthusiast who has spent years researching and testing various methods for maintaining, organizing, and optimizing the use of a fridge. He lives in a small town in the Midwest and works as a freelance writer and handyman. Tom has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, which has helped him better understand the complex workings of the refrigerator.
Photo of author
Tom Mason is a refrigerator enthusiast who has spent years researching and testing various methods for maintaining, organizing, and optimizing the use of a fridge. He lives in a small town in the Midwest and works as a freelance writer and handyman. Tom has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, which has helped him better understand the complex workings of the refrigerator.